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What are the ways to protect against lightning during the heavy rain??

P.C: Sheikh Md S Hoque.
1Never be in open space or high places during the lightning season. If possible take Shelter under any building.

2If there is no arrangement for shelter in open ground or on the field of farming, then sit intuition. But you can’t even lie on the ground.

3Must be at least 4 meters away from passenger camp, electricity kit and high trees.

4Stay away from the water.

5Close the door to the door and stay away from it.

6Avoid all the places where metal objects remain.

7Keep disconnecting the electric object, TV & refrigerator by turning off switch either plug out. Its better don't touch them if the switch is off.

8Leave the place where is a possibility of lightning.

9If anybody injured by lightning then rapidly tries to send them to hospital.

Suggested by:
 Bangladesh Meteorological Department.
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