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How to avoid "Smoking"

A study found that six million people died due to use of tobacco products every year. But the most of the reason for death is smoking. Smoke is causing death to 1 in 10 people in the world at a  year.
Model: Sheikh Md S Hoque
The famous Bangladeshi Dr. Arup Ratan Chowdhury said, that smoking is an addiction which is very typical to avoid in a short time. also, he has given some of easiest procedure to avoid smoking.

Discussed below:

1)Promising with yourself that you won't smoke from now. so throw your cigarettes in the bin.

2)Without smoking, you can try to stay for a day. Then you try to feel the situation of difference before smoking & after smoking. Gradually you can follow the same procedure for next 2nd & 3rd days.

3)Try to follow them, who already had avoided the smoking & get the health information of them for your inspiration. 

4)Try to learn the calculation of your smoking cost of the month.  which is unnecessary that you can use in a good way.

5)Strategically avoid smokers.

6)Instead of the cigarette, you can chew gum & ginger due to repulsion on a cigarette. 

7)When you feel to smoke during this period walk on the road due to the avoiding smoke.

8)Try to stay away from the smoking zone.

9)Read anti-smoking & health conscious books.

10)If necessary,  then you can receive the counseling by visiting the nearest doctor.

N.B: You no need to find a reason to avoid the smoking. If you want you can stop smoking at any time.

Content Translated: Sheikh Md S Hoque
Model: Sheikh Md S Hoque (Photograph used from his facebook profile)
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