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"Discovered new drugs for hair growth in bald head"

 Model: Sheikh Md S Hoque.
Scientists have become optimistic with a new treatment of bald hair. Researchers say that a drug that uses bone disorder can become a new treatment to prevent hair fall. They also said while they went to the test of drug cyclosporine which used for the purpose of osteoporosis treatment, It has "DRAMATIC" effect on hairstyle & can stimulate it to grow. 

Dr.Nathan, Who's the head of the project is the University of Manchester. He said it can bring a big change for them who have trouble in hair fall. 

There's a protein in the human body that acts as a car breaker to prevent hair growth. so this cyclosporine exactly will attack this protein to stop his activities. 
By the way, only two medicines are available for hair treatment. One is "minoxidil" which is usable for men & women. But another one is "Phenastaride" which is only for men.!

However, each of these two drugs has some side effects, & they aren't equally effective for all.

Therefore, people often resort to hair transplantation due to the problem of bald.

That's why scientists say there's no hair treatment that's applicable to everyone. 

According to the final statement of Dr. Hokas, he didn't confirm yet that cyclosporine is effective or not for the human body. So just he said, a clinical examination is required to find out whether cyclosporine hair treatment is effective & safe or not. 

Content writer: Sheikh Md. S Hoque
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