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সূরাঃ আল-মুল্‌ক ( Sura:The Sovereignty )*(Arabic,Bengali & English)

সূরাঃ আল-মুল্‌ক (৬৭) Surah: Al_Mulk( The Sovereignty) (67) মক্কায় অবতীর্ণ পারাঃ ২৯ রুকূঃ ২ আয়াতঃ ৩০ Meccan Juz: 29 Rukkhu: 2 Verses: 30 ********************************** In this video, we recorded the #Surah_Al_Mulk (The Sovereignty) in the Arabic language. But the meaning of the recitation translated in ARABIC, BENGALI & English languages. So it’s very easy to understand the meaning of #Surah_Al_Mulk (The Sovereignty). So guys keep listening to it until feed up your mind :) If you need to know the virtue of #Surah_Al_Mulk (The Sovereignty) then click here:

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