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"Carousell"-এ ক্রয়-বিক্রয় করুন।

We are gonna start a new project under the title of web-based apps series. where we are gonna share the details of some popular apps those are invisible front of the minor application user. Hence, we decided to highlight some of the unique application in our apps series section. In this post, we are talking about  "#Carousell (Click here) " which is south Asian smartphone & website based new & secondhand products marketplace for seller & buyers.! Basically it's private e-commerce based industry which operates within Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hongkong & Australia. The headquarter located in Singapore. They have the number of 900 employees. It was founded in Singapore on 14 May 2012. This application designed in a very easiest interface for users which will help you to get your desired product category. Whatever you have to need in your daily accessories as brand new or secondhand that's all you can grab them from #Carousell by a reasonable price. Of course, they added the negotiation feature over there for the buyer which will help you to give your open price.

Carousell had group & community they both will help you to know more details about this application.
so if you guys don't visit yet in this application please take a few minutes to browse this app.

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