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"White Heads"

Whiteheads are one type of acne which causes clogged hair flicks. Skin cells, bacteria, & dust mites accumulate on our skin's upper hair follicles and as a result of the formation of a solenoid growth over there. And if that area had extra oils and bacteria then you can be affected by whiteheads. Everyone may face the problem if they aren't careful about it.  Whitehead could be in any part of human body. But do not think that getting rid of this problem is a very difficult task. just follow some procedure to get out from your skin.

1) Always try to keep clean your skin which is very important to get rid of this problem.

2) Already you had affected by it then don't try to clean it by finger pressing cause there may be permanent spot or infection on the skin.

3)Don't facially continue, cause frequent facial problems such as acne and inflammation increases & the skin will become dry.

4) Don't wipe the face completely with dirty hands. If have any bacteria in your hand then after wiping, whiteheads problem may increase.

5)It's absolutely necessary to exfoliate skin three times a week. the exposure lays out of the ropes & it helps to the growth of new skin cell.

6) Randomly don't touch or tie the whiteheads area cause the problem will increase further.

7) After a lot of sweating definitely, you need to wash sweating area either you need to have the bath.

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8) choose your right products & avoid the salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid included products.

9) Please use the oil free products  & never use the centered soap & cleaners for your skin.

10) If you use the makeup, you need to remove them before sleeping & try to wear lighter dresses in the season of summer.

11) If the problem of whiteheads are increasing, then it is better to take advice by showing a demolisher.

Content writer: Sheikh Md S Hoque
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