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"The 1st Astronaut human of 2033"

Alyssa Carson only eighteen years old girl. At this age, she was the youngest member of **NASA**. Alyssa will be the first human in the world to go to Mars in 2033 if everything is favorable. Meanwhile, she won't return back from Mars, that's why she has signed to ban sex, marriage or child pornography to NASA.
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Alyssa Carson does not know who is the mother of her. As her single parent, She grew up to her father. At the age of 7, Dad took him to a space camp in Alabama.
The camp experience set on her mind such a different way to think about it.
The age of 12, She took part in three different space camps of NASA, Quebec of Canada and Izmir in Turkey, as the youngest. NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus helped her to complete these program. 

She learned how to work in space, as well as how to conduct a different mission & adapted the method of movement of gravity-free space & learned how to stay in unstable space. She trained the technic of a special moment. Along with enlightenment about robotics,  also built a rocket by herself. NASA has given her a 'Call Name' - **Blueberries**.

Officially NASA did not allow anyone to apply as an astronaut under 18 years old. However, this rule was not followed in Alyssa's case. From the beginning, the organization wanted to make her strong support to send in Mars. Nasa is planning to send her mars in 2033. during this period she will be the first astronaut human of the earth & her age will turn on 32, which is the appropriate age for an astronaut.

Alyssa knows very well that she probably not coming back from there. She will only one lonely person over there after 14 years. one day she will vanish under the iron reddish pepper. but she is not afraid of it.

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