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Mystery about Russian disappearance jihadi women!!

Model: Soraya
Here I'm writing about Siyada & Rushana. Those are Russian Muslim girls & they are missing after joining in ISIS. Thousands of Muslim men of Russia were tempted to join in so-called Islamic State Force and left the country with their wives and children. 
But when they were defeated in the war of establishment of the Khilafat last year, these families have completely vanished. Some of the family members of them still waiting to know the information about their missing member.
Iraqi authorities say they have many IS families detained but they won't disclose their names. But a lot of messages, photos, videos of detention spread out through social media as well as the arrest of anyone  from the captivity of Iraq. The BBC's team went to IRAQ find out the more information about it.

The story of Siyada:
A middle-aged woman who lives in Chechnya of Southern Russia. She was showing her daughter's video. Her daughter's name is Siyada & she was a 19-year-old girl. The lady could not hold her tears while talking about her daughter story.
She said Siyada was a very fashionable girl & She would like to the wear brand stuff. When she moved over there then she left her clothes, shoes, bags  & other stuff.
These words were before moved to Turkey. Yes! The year of 2015, Siyada's husband took her with him in Turkey to join in ISIS. She hasn't come back after joining over there. Her mother said, "After two weeks, she contacted with her through Whatsapp, and she was crying for a long time, her tears were not stopped, and she said," I am in Syria. "
But ISIS has been defeated over there more than three years. Siyada's husband and other ISIS fighters were killed. But where is Siyada??
According to the statement of ISIS although she didn't participate in any operations of them. But still, she's missing along with her two children. Not only Siyada, but many Russians girls are also missing in this kind of incident.

The story of Rushana:
Here I wanna share some of the words about Rushana, who's from Mosco. Once upon a time sudden, she sent an audio clip from IRAQ to her sister where she whispered why are they stuck her as a prisoner.? She doesn't know the reason for it & she cannot stand anymore over there due to the heavy cold weather. She mentioned that they are not even giving them to use their "blankets."

Rusana has been able to send this message due to the kindness of security guards. Because the cell phones were taken away from her and other detained girls. Rushana said more than two hundred women and children were kept inside the two rooms. Iraqi abductors threaten to sell them to brothels in Iran & they are interrogating us. Some Iranian people came and took our videos. And only that time was the first time we were going out from prison. those are the 1st & last words of Rushana.

At this moment it's very hard to detect them that where they are & who are holding them. In Iraq and Syria, more than a hundred children and women were members of the ISIS fighters who were defeated in Iraq, who are no longer available now.

Grozny the capital of Chechnya here is a large number of a group campaigning to bring back the ISIS families. According to this group, the missing women & children are innocent. That's why they are making poster & banner by using photos of missing ISIS families. They are talking about two thousand Russian women who are missing. Iraqi authorities did not express the name of any ISIS family members who have been detained or killed. But later the reporter was able to talk with an influential Shiya fighter, Iraqi commander Abu Zafar. The reporter asked the reasons for sticking up these women & children. He spoke about the season of winter & pneumonia for children as well. But the Iraqi commander denied it.
In fact, access to Iraqi prisons is almost impossible. There is no clue to confirm that any ISIS fighter is detained except some of the cases.

However, parents of these families still do not know - have their loved ones survived or died? When will they come back or will not return?

Content writer: Sheikh Md S Hoque
News Source: BBC News Bangla

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