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Introduction to Nepal

Nepal, It's located in Southern Asia. The official name of Nepal is the federal democratic republic of Nepal. from the Vedic age the name of Nepal 1st recorded in the text.        
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They had 15 recognized languages & Nepali is the official language of them. Kathmandu is the largest city & capital of this country as well. A large number of people is HINDUISM of Nepal. The total area of Nepal is 1,47,181 km2 & They don't have any maritime are. Nepal is very famous for the point of Mount Everest which is 8,848 M. 
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Nepal is the 48th largest country by population & 93rd largest country by area. Geographically Nepal has 5th seasons. This nation took a series for 5 years to improve their economic growth which was a magnificent example of a SAARAC listed country. The country main economical sources are tourism, food & beverage, metal manufactures. But the GDP heavily dependent on expatriate workers remittances. Nepalese fashions & cultures have been influenced by neighbor countries including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Srilanka.  Nepali architecture is the part of the cultural heritage of the country.  

N.B: It's a very informative recorded file for all of you guys. if you need to know the information about Nepal then don't miss to watch this recorded file. personally, i am highly recommending this one to students, Cause it will work for them as a part of their general knowledge about Nepal. One more thing due to the clip, Some of the informative data are collected from blog & other online sources as well. 

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