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Losing your brain efficiency to watch porn movies!

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Pornography, it's basically visual or printed contains which explicit display of sexual activities which intended to pornography fills up sexual fantasies for both men and women. However, X-rated images and film stimulants have a lot of harm as well as health. A study published in the journal JMA Psychiatry, which was published in 2014, says that If you guy regular watch the porn movies then after a period deficiency in brain stimuli may be reduced.

How to damage your brain to watch pron:

1.  Dopamine-named hormones in the brain are emitted by watching pornography.

2. The effect of this hormone is the feeling of happiness or sense of pleasure in our brain. But due to frequent viewing of Pornography,  the brain may lose sensitivity towards the functioning of the hormone due to repeated dopamine discharge.

3. After watching the abnormal sexual behavior in porn movies, men gradually lose their sensitivity and lose the ability to sexually naturally.

4. German researchers discovered that porn movies compress the pelvic brain of the human.

5. In that same research, they found as the first

the case, a relationship of physical damage with regular viewing of porn movies. But they didn't forget to mention about the some of the people that they may bear with a particular brain which doesn't affect much more to watch porn movies.

6. The addictions of porn addicts are like drug addicts so easily its can control your brain.

7. In the research of Cambridge University of 2013, They said,  The youths who are addicted to online pornography & when they see the provocative pictures then instant a lightning shape comes on their brain which looks seems like a Christmas Tree.

8. The researchers said,  Those who are used to watch porn movie from the very beginning, The three parts of the brain are more active than others.

Apart from the hormonal emission that can affect the mental condition, addiction may also create pornography. As a result, pornography can also have serious harmful effects in our brain.

Content writer: Sheikh Md S Hoque

News Source: Daily Mail

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