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Walking a little faster, the pain began unbearably. When using the stairs to go up, it seems that the body has enough energy to spend. Many people have to face such problems. Arthritis problems can be anyone who is under age or older. If there is such a pain, neglect of eating a few painkillers will increase the problem. It is important to be treated with a doctor's advice.

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Arthritis is basically two types of inflammatory and Degenerative arthritis. The problem of osteoarthritis in the knee, waist, neck joints, is called Degenerative Arthritis. Multiple joints are acute pain. This is due to the normal decay of bone with age. And swollen joints with inflammatory arthritis. Due to virus infections or autoimmune, these types of arthritis can be caused by infection. Rheumatoid arthritis may be due to having high uric acid. It is also a type of polyarthritis. Many people may have the fever, rheumatic arthritis due to throat irritation. This is also one type of polyarthritis. If there is any disease in any part of the body, such as diarrhea, urine infection or arthritis in the skin, then arthritis is called reactive active arthritis. Multiple joints are affected together in polyarthritis. This is also one type of polyarthritis when osteoarthritis attacks multiple joints. Someone has been diagnosed with multiple joint pain while going to the doctor's medical history. See what type of arthritis. Fact test, uric acid test etc. The x-ray may also be used. If pain arthritis is due to bone loss, then pain reduction medication, physiotherapy, and supportive treatment are given. And the treatment for inflammatory arthritis differs. In some cases, steroids are used. Only use the steroid with the doctor's advice. Weight control is needed as well.

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