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The technology site TechCrunch reports that Apple company plans to overhaul in their upcoming iPod. They plan to do add the feature of water discharged. Also, they're hoping that the customer won't be in swimming pool along with it despite new feature.

The introduction of a water-resistant feature in the new iPod is to protect the issues like rain and sweating, not to dive into it.

According to the source, Bloomberg's report also said that Apple could bring biometric features to the next generation of iPod. Through this, Apple's initiative will look forward to the customer's health. The sources said, new charging cases will be introduced for the new iPod, which will support the Wireless Charge Pad.

Apple's current iPod market price in the US is $ 159. The price of new iPod is expected to be even higher.

Along with this, rumors have been heard that Apple is working on new over-the-ear headphones.

Content writer: Sheikh Md S Hoque
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