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"Introduction to Philippines"

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Philippine is the most beautiful island's country on earth. It's very popular with everyone as an Island nation. According to NAMIRA the country consists of more than 7500 islands. The official name of the Philippines REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. The name of the Philippines came from the King Philip of Spain which is honored him. Manila is the capital of Philippines & Quezon city is the largest city of this country. It has two official languages & 19 recognized regional languages but Filipino is the national language of this country. The majority of religious people are Christian & Muslim. Geographically it's part of Southeast Asia. The Philippines has a tropical climate that's usually hot & humid which is the main attraction for the travelers. The average yearly temperature is around 26.6 degrees Celcius. The Philippines has a combination of Eastern & Western cultures. Its culture also displays a significant number of SPANISH & AMERICAN influence. there some of the aspects exhibit similar to another Asian country Malay. 
                                    (click on this video to introduce with the Philippines)

By the way, It's an educational video clip of our #world series. In this clip briefly, we discussed the full details of Philippines & also we had tried to keep most of the important information about #Philippines those are very effective to students as their part of general #Knowledge.  So guys keep watching it until to build up your memory about the Philippines.! 

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